Argos Card

Argos Card

High street retailer offering vast product range and an inhouse Store Card with a choice of 3 designs, cardholder discounts and a reward scheme giving Premier Points on every purchase.

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  Jackie on 22 November   2009
I have had many many things on my Argos store card over the last 4 years especially on the buy now pay later options, as long as you pay before the due date your ok, if you don't then you get the interest added that would have been added over that period of time, you have to complete the whole total owing otherwise you still get charged the whole amount of interest! We learnt to our cost with that the first time, but otherwise it is a pretty good card to have and so useful around Christmas time etc. Just a pity you cannot view your account online as phone calls cost with business numbers etc.
  leo on 24 October   2009
They have closed my account because i didnt use it for a year, even though the expiry date on the card itself had not passed the date. What a waste of time. I phoned up and they said i need to re-apply.
  Paddy on 29 September   2009
Not very good. I need to be able to see how much credit I have :<
  chandragumar on 22 September   2009
we need new argos card
  julie on 29 August   2009
rubbish, can never check balance unless you ring up and wait for ages
  jenny on 20 August   2009
very useful but would be better if we can see our transactions online
  oluwafeyi on 15 August   2009
i apply for argos card, and was given less than what i apply for,for the fact that am renovating my kithchen, and all what i purshaed is buy now pay 6months. i will appreciate if my credit can go up a bit so that i can buy my electirc coooker, washing machine,blender and kettle.THANKS
  Anonymous on 3 August   2009
I find the argos card excellent and have never had any problems. Shame about not being able to check online for balances but a quick phone call to argos card services sorts that out.If you are clever you will only buy good on buy now pay later as I do and pay the full balance the month its due. On the few occasions they have charged me extra, it was refunded with a quick call. For the people who say its exepnsive to pay back - sorry to be blunt but if you can't afford it don't buy it, simple as that.
  Michelle on 28 July   2009
Fab, especially when you got no cash and need to buy something expensive, providing you got the available credit on it too. If you pay a big chunk off your balance before November you'll be ready to buy again just in time for christmas. Only downfall is you cannot view your transactions or balances online. I have to literate to my paper statements which i mostly shred, so now file the top page so i can view at any time. Apart from that Brill.
  CAROL on 27 July   2009
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