Credit Cards

Credit Cards Still Have Benefits

2 Nov 2008 by Paul Rogers

In the present economic climate, just mentioning the words ‘credit card’, sends people off talking about the ‘credit crunch’, and how we should all be more careful when it comes to using our credit ca ...

The implications on closing a Credit Card account

1 Nov 2008 by Paul Rogers

For most of us, closing a credit card account means picking up the phone and calling our credit card supplier to tell them that you wish to cancel your credit card, and then picking up a pair of sciss ...

Built in Safeguards within Your Credit Card

1 Nov 2008 by Paul Rogers

With most of us owning at least one credit card, and many of us owning more than one along with a number of store cards, the amount of goods purchased by credit cards in the UK is increasing. Whether  ...

Climbing to the top of the Credit Score Ladder

27 Jun 2008 by Paul Rogers

Now, cast your mind back to the good old days when all you had to do was whisper the words “I think I will apply for a credit card”, and if by magic, you were inundated with application forms, everybo ...

Using Your Credit Card Abroad

27 May 2008 by Paul Rogers

After spending those cold dark winter months looking through endless holiday brochures searching out the ideal summer holiday, it is probably not too many more weeks until you are jetting off to your  ...

The Impact the Credit Crunch is having on the Credit Card Industry

15 Apr 2008 by Paul Rogers

Every time you pick up a newspaper, listen to the radio or switch on the TV, sooner or later, usually sooner the words ‘credit crunch’ appear. When interviewed, financial analysts constantly refer to  ...

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