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Hidden risks in 0% balance transfer cards
28 Jan 2008 source: thisismoney.co.uk

Jo Thornhill, Mail on Sunday28 January 2008 Chat | Vote | Guide | Calculate By the end of the month, 1m people will have transferred their credit card balance to a new provider as part of their financial spring-clean. Borrowers will have switched an average of £2,666, according to research by Abbey bank. In control: Eva Grossman moved her card balance to a 0% Abbey deal to pay for a car WANT TO KNOW MORE? Best balance transfer credit card rates Transfer your deb ...

Credit card holders could benefit through clever spending
23 Jan 2008 source: financemarkets.co.uk

According to research by moneysupermarket.com, homeowners can benefit with a little savvy spending. Banks are currently fighting for savings, current account and credit card business and according to moneysupermarket.com, opting for a credit card with a 0% purchase offer and investing the equivalent amount of money in a current or savings account is an extreme case of banks paying us for our business. On average, the UK household spends £5,790 each quarter on items such as food, drink, leisu ...

Sainsbury's: Credit card deals can help with debt management
22 Jan 2008 source: moneynews.co.uk

Tue 22nd Jan 2008 Many consumers in the UK have made use of credit cards that offer zero per cent balance transfers and purchase rates in order to manage their Christmas bills effectively. According to Sainsbury's Bank, zero per cent credit card deals can help most people to keep new year debt "under control" and enable them to clear bills quickly and easily. Donald Macleod, S ...



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