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Tesco Clubcard credit card receives praise
14 Oct 2009 source: moneynews.co.uk

Wed 14th Oct 2009 The Tesco Clubcard credit card has been praised by one sector analyst in recent days. Ed Bowsher, head of personal finance at lovemoney.com, made his remarks after Tesco announced its interim 2009-10 financial results earlier this month, which showed that the firm is now the UK's seventh-largest credit card issuer. He stated: "With all your purchases on that card, ...

PPI charges on closed Barclaycard account
14 Oct 2009 source: thisismoney.co.uk

Money Mail14 October 2009 I closed my Barclaycard account two years ago. In November 2008, I received a debt collector's letter on behalf of Barclaycard demanding £57.52. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Judge closes 'cynical' debt loophole OTHER STORIES How to save safely with banks and building societies How we're still paying for banks' collapse How are your savings protected? Billions taken out of building societies Brief overview of bank and building society streng ...

First Direct and M&S raise credit card fees
9 Oct 2009 source: thisismoney.co.uk

Alan O'Sullivan, This is Money9 October 2009 Chat | Calculate First Direct and M&S are following in the footsteps of a number of High Street banks by using lengthy documents on a change in European law to sneak in higher card charges. Rate rise: the rises have led to higher balance transfer fees. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Halifax sneaks in hidden account charges HSBC and Barclays terms turn the screws Amex raises rate for missed payments OTHER STORIES How to save safely wit ...

Saga calls for lenders to "play fair"
9 Oct 2009 source: moneynews.co.uk

Thu 8th Oct 2009 Saga has called for credit card providers to adopt a fairer order of payment system, because it currently favours the bankers. Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of Saga Group, pointed out that people who have credit cards are normally being doubly-hit, because they must pay high interest rates on their lending and cannot pay their most expensive debt first. This is be ...

How can I stop credit card harassment?
8 Oct 2009 source: thisismoney.co.uk

This is Money8 October 2009 My credit card is £700 over its limit and though I am paying the amount asked for every month and have never missed a payment I am being harassed by phone calls from the card issuer asking when I am going to pay off the overspend. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Find the best deals on credit cards Best balance transfer credit card rates How to join the big debt payback OTHER STORIES How to save safely with banks and building societies How we're ...



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