Debenhams Store Card

Debenhams Store Card

High street retailer offering a choice cards issued by GE capital - Debenhams Gold Account Card, standard Account Card or Shareholder Account Card, which also earn extra Nectar points.

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  Anonymous on 19 October   2009
I wouldnt advise any one to take out a store card with Debenhams as it is now run by Santandare. To make a complaint about anything you go through to India on a premium line to speak to someone who you cannot undertand and obviously does not understand what you are trying to sort out. Equally dont bother to write as they do not reply to letters and as for managing your account on line forget it it is nearley always down or wont let you log or in my case I forgot my password and requested a new one 3 weeks ago I am still waiting. I am cutting my card up.
  Martin Mc Gowean on 20 May   2009
I took out a debenhams store card in 2001 I moved house in 2007 and while in store castlecourt Belfast I made a purchase of £18.I told the assistant that I had moved house and gave her my new details.GE money had my new address and unknown to me they sent the bill to my old address for £18,I found this out last week and paid the bill without question. GE money have now blacklisted me because the bill was sent to my old address and not my new one.they say I should have informed them ?? I did at store but they say this was incorrect I should have wrote to them even ,the store did...rubbish
  Anonymous on 13 May   2009
customer helpline costs 10p.per minute!!!!
  Anonymous on 12 May   2009
would not advise ANYONE to take out this store card. I only use store cards which are of benefit to me ie. discounts etc. this is obviously not beneficial to stores or credit companies (specifically GE money) so when attemtping to pay my balance on line i encountered NUMEROUS problems, then was forced to phone a call centre number at a cost of 10p plus per minute and still got no satisfaction. My total bill was £41 which now will have a late payment fee of £12 plus interest. Also tried to phone the store direct (in belfast) and guess what? was transferred to ge money at premium rate!!
  Anonymous on 11 May   2009
I think there should be an age limit on people approached to take a store card. My 86 year old mother was persuaded to take one, not knowing what was involved, and, thinking she had paid for the item, ignored the statement. Then received a demanding letter, charging her the late payment fee and interest. This is all according to the written rules, but at 86 she didn't have a clue what was going on and has been thoroughly stressed out by the experience, never having bought on HP before in her life! Please restrain your sales personnel when dealing with the elderly.
  al on 12 April   2009
i have to be fair & say that this is not to bad a store card if used properly,use it for its advantages!like all store cards it comes with some,mainly money of in the first week,sale events etc,all store cards have a high apr because they can charge what they want & people will pay it!guys my advice is by all means take these cards if you can trust yourself to use them for the advantages & pay them of every month,if you can not pay them every month do not take them out!as for insurance do not touch it with a barge poll,you will just pay for something you'll never need!
  John on 29 March   2009
The loan protection is miss sold. If you take out one of these cards you end up paying a insane 29.9% The protection insurance is not worth anything and mine was sold illegally. I would not go near Debenhams after they pull this stunt. They were giving them out like sweets. I spent a few £100 in the store. They are so tricky you end up paying interest and insurence...WARNING BUYER BEWARE
  John Fletcher on 13 February   2009
Please explain how a APR rate of 29.9% is justified in light of current interest rates.
  Frank on 18 July   2006
Thank you!
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