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Tears and anger as Milosevic is buried
18 Mar 2006 source: cnn.com

POZAREVAC, Serbia and Montenegro (CNN) -- Slobodan Milosevic's remains have been laid to rest in the yard of his family's Serbian home after thousands of supporters gathered in Belgrade to mourn the former Yugoslav president's passing. The coffin holding Milosevic's body was lowered into the ground in the provincial town of Pozarevac, some 80 km (50 miles) south of Belgrade, as darkness fell and a brass band played somber music. Milosevic, aged 64, died last Saturday of heart failure in his ce ...

He killed 29 people, now he wants to save one
18 Mar 2006 source: cnn.com

NEWARK, New Jersey (AP) -- A judge has agreed to allow a New Jersey serial killer to donate a kidney, but the donor and his doctors have to meet conditions. Superior Court Judge Paul W. Armstrong did not say when Charles Cullen might undergo the operation to remove one of his kidneys to be transplanted into the relative of a friend. Cullen has admitted killing 29 patients with drug overdoses at nursing homes and hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in one of the worst murder sprees ever di ...

French protesters give ultimatum to scrap job law
18 Mar 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Matthew Bigg and Kerstin Gehmlich PARIS (Reuters) - Half a million protesters took to the streets across France on Saturday to demand the scrapping of a new law they fear will erode job security, and trade union and student leaders gave the government 48 hours to comply. Issuing their ultimatum, the leaders said they might decide on a one-day general strike unless the government withdrew the law by Monday evening. President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin would "bea ...

New York joins global anti-war protests
18 Mar 2006 source: cnn.com

NEW YORK (AP) -- Thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets around the world Saturday, marking the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq with demands that coalition troops leave immediately. Waleed Bader of the Arab Muslim American Federation addressed a crowd in Times Square from a flatbed truck parked near a recruiting station, which was guarded by police. "We say enough hypocrisy, enough lies, our soldiers must come home now," Bader said. Participants chante ...

Serbs show divided feelings as Milosevic is buried
18 Mar 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Douglas Hamilton POZAREVAC, Serbia and Montenegro (Reuters) - Slobodan Milosevic was buried beside his provincial family home on Saturday after tens of thousands of Serbs rallied to hail the man who presided over years of bloodshed and was ousted by his own people. The pro-Western politicians who now run Serbia refused him a state funeral, but leading officials of his Socialist Party and ultranationalists paid tribute to their hero. Some 3,000 local mourners waving Serbian flags and holdin ...

Huge protests against French job law, some violence
18 Mar 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Matthew Bigg and Kerstin Gehmlich PARIS (Reuters) - Hundreds of thousands of students, workers and left-wing politicians took to the streets across France on Saturday to press the conservative government to scrap a new law they fear will erode job security. Pleased with the turnout, student and trade union leaders said President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin "bear full responsibility for these social tensions" and agreed to meet on Monday to consider further action ...

Lebanon's pro-Syrian president vows to stay on
18 Mar 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said on Saturday he would not cave in to mounting pressure to resign and that the country's pro-Syrian Hizbollah guerrillas should keep their arms. "I will not meet their demand and leave office. They can only oust me if the constitution states I am accused of treason or if I have violated the constitution, two things I have never committed," he  ...

Thirst let to sex crime suspect's capture
18 Mar 2006 source: cnn.com

(CNN) -- A South Carolina fugitive and convicted sex offender, wanted for kidnapping and sexually assaulting two teenage girls, ended up in police custody after showing up at a relative's house, seeking a drink of water. Kenneth Hinson "came out from the wooded area about a mile from his residence and went to a residence where his relatives live," Darlington County Chief Deputy Tom Gainey told CNN. "He probably felt comfortable there, but when he knocked on the door the woman ca ...

Bush urges Iraqi government; Reid warns of power vacuum
18 Mar 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Ross Colvin BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush urged Iraqi leaders on Saturday to form a government of national unity as quickly as possible as U.S. and Iraqi troops pressed ahead with a sweep for insurgents north of Baghdad. Speaking on the eve of the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Bush also urged Americans growing increasingly impatient with the war to resist a temptation to retreat, even as he acknowledged setbacks and the prospect of more bloodshed.  ...

Thousands join Iraq war protest in London
18 Mar 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By David Clarke LONDON (Reuters) - At least 14,000 anti-war protesters marched through London on Saturday, three years after the invasion of Iraq, calling for U.S. and British troops to pull out. Some marchers held placards bearing a photograph of U.S. President George W. Bush and the words "World's Number 1 Terrorist". Others carried banners saying "Peace not Profit" and "End the occupation, do ...

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