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Silence from trapped miners in West Virginia
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Jacque O'Bryant CHARLESTON, West Virginia (Reuters) - Rescue teams battling a stubborn coal-mine fire in West Virginia have failed to get a response from two miners trapped for two days, but said they believed they had contained the blaze on Saturday. "We have 40 or more people at a time inside that mine working an orchestrated rescue, and I repeat, a rescue operation," West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin said in a televised news conference. "We are still very much in a rescue mode." Rescuers h ...

Nigerian militants take tough line on hostages
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Daniel Flynn ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigerian ethnic militants holding a Briton and three foreign oil workers hostage said on Saturday the government must negotiate with two jailed Ijaw leaders, dismissing attempts by tribal elders to negotiate an end to the 10-day-old crisis. The group, whose month-long campaign of violence has helped drive oil prices to their highest level since September, said t ...

Beattie strike sinks Arsenal, Spurs held at home
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Justin Palmer LONDON (Reuters) - Arsenal suffered another bout of travel sickness on Saturday when James Beattie's first-half goal was enough to earn Everton a 1-0 Premier League victory. With the top three sides not playing until Sunday, fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur wasted the chance to make inroads when they were held 0-0 at home by Aston Villa. Arsenal, who have only won twice away in the league this season, remain fifth on 37 points, 24 behind leaders Chelsea who are at home to Char ...

James Bond car fetches . million pounds at auction
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

PHOENIX, Arizona (Reuters) - A Swiss businessman won the keys to James Bond's silver 1965 Aston Martin DB5 coupe on Friday with a $1.9 million (1.1 million pound) bid at an annual classic car auction in Arizona. The 45-year-old man, who did not want to be identified, placed his bids over the telephone through friend and car dealer Beat Roos to win the gadget-packed 007 car used in such classics as "Goldfinger" and "Thunderball." Both men live in Bern, Switzerland. "His instructions were to bri ...

Ethiopia orders British reporter to leave country
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia has ordered a British journalist to leave the country within 24 hours, accusing him of portraying it in a bad light, state television said on Saturday. Anthony Mitchell, who worked for the Associated Press, was summoned to the foreign ministry and told to leave. "Anthony Mitchell has been asked to leave the country in the next 24 hours because of disseminating in ...

Innocent children on DNA database
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

LONDON (Reuters) - The government is keeping DNA records on 24,000 juveniles in a national crime-fighting database who have been neither cautioned or charged with any offence, the Home Office confirmed on Saturday. The figures were released at the request of Conservative MP Grant Schapps after he investigated the case of a teenager whose DNA data was retained in the database despite being wrongly arrested in a case of mistaken identity. "The police refused to remove the DNA profile even though ...

Former Liberal Democrat leadership contender resigns
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Jeremy Lovell LONDON (Reuters) - Mark Oaten, former leadership contender for Britain's Liberal Democrat Party, resigned on Saturday as the party's Home Affairs spokesman over revelations the married father-of-two had a sexual relationship with a man. Oaten, who quit the leadership race on Thursday after failing to win backing from his parliamentary colleagues, resigned his post after being confronted with evidence of the lengthy homosexual relationship by the News of the World. "The Libera ...

Whale dies during dramatic rescue bid
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Jeremy Lovell LONDON (Reuters) The northern bottle-nosed whale that made world headlines when it strayed into the River Thames two days ago died on Saturday as rescuers were trying to rush it to safety aboard a barge. Rescue teams had hoped the adolescent 18-foot whale could be returned to the open seas but it died suddenly after its health took a turn for the worse. "I am afraid it had a convulsion and died at 1900 hours," Tony Woodley of British Divers Marine Life Rescue told Reuters. T ...

Breastfeeding may reduce risk of celiac disease
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Sufferers from celiac disease can't tolerate wheat and gluten in their diet, but people who were breastfed as babies seem to be less likely to develop the condition, a UK study shows. Dr. A. K. Akobeng, of Booth Hall Children's Hospital, Manchester, and colleague note in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood that "recent observational studies suggest that breastfeeding ...

Bird flu virus survives for days in droppings - WHO
21 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The H5N1 avian influenza virus can survive for more than a month in bird droppings in cold weather and for nearly a week even in hot summer temperatures, the World Health Organisation said on Friday. When people become infected with bird flu, they get a high fever and pneumonia very quickly, according to an updated factsheet from the WHO, posted on the Internet at http://www.who.int/csr/disease/avian_influenza/avianinfluenz ...

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