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Women demand tougher abortion laws-poll
28 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

LONDON (Reuters) - A majority of women in the country want the law changed to make it harder for them to end a pregnancy, according to a poll in the Observer newspaper on Sunday. The MORI poll found 47 percent of women believe the legal limit for an abortion should be cut from its present 24 weeks while 10 percent thought abortion should be outlawed completely. Only 31 percent of women and 35 pe ...

Nearly 40 percent of LibDems want Kennedy back - poll
28 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

LONDON (Reuters) - Nearly 40 percent of Liberal Democrat voters want Charles Kennedy back as leader, despite his revelation that he has been treated for alcohol abuse, according to a poll in the Sunday Telegraph. Kennedy resigned earlier this month after support for him among MPs evaporated. He had previously denied having a drink problem. Embarrassing revelations about two of Kennedy's potential successors have since further dented morale in the party. Mark Oaten, a married father of two who ...

Twenty dead in Polish roof collapse, 00 trapped
28 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Janusz Chmielewski CHORZOW, Poland (Reuters) - At least 20 people were killed and 100 injured when the roof collapsed at an exhibition hall packed with hundreds of people in the southern Polish city of Chorzow on Saturday, officials said. One fire officer said about 100 people might be trapped in freezing conditions in the wreckage of the building the size of a soccer field where an international meeting of pigeon enthusiasts was being held. Hospitals said five Germans, a Czech and a Belgi ...

20 years later, families remember Challenger
28 Jan 2006 source: cnn.com

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) -- The widow of Challenger's commander laid a wreath of roses and carnations at a memorial honoring fallen astronauts Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the day the space shuttle lifted off from a launch pad a few miles away and blew apart 73 seconds later. June Scobee Rodgers, whose husband Dick Scobee was the shuttle's commander, recalled waiting for the launch that chilly morning with other family members of the crew, including 12 children. "Our lives were shatt ...

Iraq captors: 'Last chance' for hostages
28 Jan 2006 source: cnn.com

(CNN) -- Kidnappers in Iraq have renewed their threat to kill four Western hostages unless U.S.-led forces release Iraqi prisoners, Arabic TV network Al-Jazeera reported Saturday. A new videotape showing the four -- two Canadians, an American and a Briton working with the Christian Peacemaker Teams -- was aired on the Arabic-language news network Saturday, but was dated January 21. However, CNN cannot confirm when the footage was shot. Al-Jazeera aired the video and an anchor read the group's ...

Russia arrests two spies working for Britain-report
28 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Guy Faulconbridge MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian security services have arrested two spies working for British intelligence, the Interfax news agency said on Saturday, citing the former head of Russia's state security service. Russia accused Britain last Sunday of running a James Bond-style spying operation in Moscow using a receiver hidden in a fake rock to communicate secret information. It nam ...

Off-duty officer shot in case of mistaken identity
28 Jan 2006 source: cnn.com

NEW YORK (AP) -- In a tragic case of mistaken identity, police shot and critically wounded an off-duty officer as he pointed a gun at a suspect outside a fast food restaurant early Saturday, authorities said. Eric Hernandez, 24, was hit three times and was hospitalized in extremely critical condition, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. The officer who pulled the trigger, identified only as a 20-year ...

Second day of unrest over Hamas 'revolution'
28 Jan 2006 source: cnn.com

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Hundreds of armed Fatah demonstrators surrounded Palestinian government buildings in the West Bank and Gaza Saturday, denouncing Hamas' election victory and Fatah's failure to make reforms. The second day of violence met with silence from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whom Fatah supporters are calling on to resign. Fatah protesters were firing weapons in the air from the rooftop of the Palestinian parliament building in Ramallah as well as in Nablus, both  ...

Four dead in Polish roof collapse, dozens hurt
28 Jan 2006 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Janusz Chmielewski CHORZOW, Poland (Reuters) - At least four people were killed and dozens injured by the collapse of a roof over an exhibition hall packed with hundreds of people in the small southern Polish city of Chorzow on Saturday, officials said. The PAP news agency said firefighters had found at least four casualties beneath the wreckage, where some 100 people are reported to be trapped. It was quoting deputy governor of the Silesia province Artur Warzocha. At least 50 injured peop ...

Day of remembrance
28 Jan 2006 source: cnn.com

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) -- Twenty years ago, space shuttle Challenger blew apart in jets of fire and plumes of smoke, a terrifying sight witnessed by the families of the seven astronauts and by those who came to watch the historic launch of the first teacher in space. The disaster shattered NASA's image and the belief that spaceflight could become as routine as airplane travel. The investigation into the accident's cause revealed a space agency more concerned with schedules and public rel ...

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