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Atom bomb row minister apologises
1 Jul 2007 source: bbc.co.uk

Japan's defence minister has apologised for saying the US atom bomb attacks in World War II were inevitable. Fumio Kyuma's comments had outraged bomb survivors and sparked calls from opposition parties for his dismissal. The minister said he was sorry if he had given the impression he lacked respect for the victims of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Speaking in Nagasaki, where he is from, Mr Kyuma promised not to make such remarks in the future. He h ...

Tories 'will not change strategy'
1 Jul 2007 source: bbc.co.uk

There will be "absolutely no change in strategy" by the Conservatives, shadow chancellor George Osborne has said. He told BBC One's Sunday AM the party would remain "in the mainstream of British politics". This follows a call by right-wing Tory MP Edward Leigh to focus on issues such as immigration and taxation, rather than seeming "driven by PR". Mr Osborne also said it was "above my pay grade" to say whether there would be a shadow Cabinet reshuffle soon. 'Traditional way' Mr Leigh, of th ...

Afghan suicide attack hits troops
1 Jul 2007 source: bbc.co.uk

A suicide bomber has attacked Nato-led troops in the south Afghan district of Gereshk where reports speak of heavy civilian losses in fighting on Friday. Three British soldiers and three Afghan civilians were injured Gereshk mayor Dur Ali Shah told the BBC. British forces in Helmand Province are checking details of the incident. Mr Shah says about 45 civilians and 62 Taleban fighters were killed in bombardments by foreign forces, but they are questioning the number. Air strikes were launched ...

HK leader in democracy vow
1 Jul 2007 source: bbc.co.uk

Hong Kong's Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has repeated a pledge to create a more democratic system. He was speaking after being sworn in for a new term in office by Chinese President Hu Jintao. The event was part of celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of the territory's return to Chinese rule. Colourful parades and displays are taking place, but thousands of pro-democracy campaigners have also gathered to call for political reform. President Hu will not be there to see them, however, ...

Attack risk "critical"
1 Jul 2007 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Peter Graff GLASGOW (Reuters) - Police searched houses near Scotland's second city Glasgow on Sunday after what they described as a terrorist attack on its airport that they linked to two failed car bombings in London. The government raised the country's security level to "critical" -- meaning the risk of terrorist attack is imminent -- following the airport incident, in which a four-wheel-driv ...

Man held over alleyway sex attack
1 Jul 2007 source: bbc.co.uk

A man has been arrested after a woman was sexually assaulted in the Short Strand area of east Belfast. She was walking along the Albertbridge Road at about 0200 BST on Saturday, when a man tried to talk to her. She walked on but was sexually assaulted in an alleyway. The police have not released any further details about the attack.

Scottish police search houses near Glasgow
1 Jul 2007 source: today.reuters.co.uk

GLASGOW (Reuters) - Scottish police searched houses near Glasgow early on Sunday and said the searches were linked to Saturday's attack on Glasgow airport and two failed car bombings in London. "We can confirm that, as part of the ongoing enquiry into the incidents at Glasgow airport and London, a number of houses in the Renfrewshire area are being searched," a police statement said. A Reuters w ...

Hain urges 'vigilance' on terror
1 Jul 2007 source: bbc.co.uk

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has urged people in Wales to be "extra vigilant" following attempted attacks in London and Scotland. The UK's terrorism threat has been raised to "critical" by the incidents. On Saturday, a car on fire was driven at the main terminal building at Glasgow Airport. The airport was evacuated and all flights suspended. And anti-terrorism police have launched a manhunt for those who planted two car bombs in central London. Mr Hain said people should report anything susp ...

EU firms laud China's new labour law
1 Jul 2007 source: today.reuters.co.uk

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's sweeping new labour law will improve workplace conditions without deterring foreign investment, the European Union Chamber of Commerce said on Sunday. Some firms had expressed concern that the draft labour contract law would increase wage costs, give unions too much influence and make it harder to fire workers, making China less attractive for international manufacture ...

Australian govt hikes travel alert for Britain
1 Jul 2007 source: today.reuters.co.uk

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Australian government issued an upgraded travel alert for Britain on Sunday, advising visitors to use a high degree of caution. This is the third-highest degree of warning on a five-point scale, falling just short of advising travellers to reconsider visiting a country. It put Britain on a par with Iran, India, Guatemala, Jordan and Kuwait for potential threats posed to Au ...

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