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Accused September 11 plotter a no-show at Guantanamo
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Randall Mikkelsen GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba (Reuters) - An accused September 11 plotter refused to appear at a Guantanamo war crimes court hearing on Monday and the U.S. military judge said four fellow suspects could write a note urging him to come. Ramzi Binalshibh, charged with serving as a go-between for senior al Qaeda leaders and the September 11 hijackers, failed  ...

CEO pay pressure builds due to Wall Street bailout
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Martha Graybow NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investor activists see the U.S. government's proposed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street as a big opportunity to curb CEO pay they consider too lavish, adding new intensity to an already hot debate. Criticism of executive pay has gained momentum this election year with the presidential candidates from both major parties lashing out over rich pa ...

Obama, McCain battle over financial crisis
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (Reuters) - Barack Obama proposed reforms on Monday to rein in practices that led to the worst U.S. financial crisis since the Depression, even as rival John McCain elaborated on his own plans and accused Obama of failing to provide leadership. McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, pushed a plan he offered last ...

White House warns Iran on nuclear inaction
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The White House on Monday expressed concern about Iran's lack of cooperation with the U.N. nuclear watchdog and said Tehran must provide "substantial information and access" to the agency. "We would echo what the IAEA said today which is that Iran needs to give the agency substantial information and access if they are going to be proven correct in their claims," White H ...

Rice urges nations to honor Palestinian aid pledges
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Sue Pleming and Haitham Haddadin UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged donor nations on Monday to follow through on more than $7 billion in aid pledges to the cash-strapped Palestinian government. "We need to make certain that everyone is paying attention to their Paris commitments to the Palestinians," Rice told reporters before a meeting to discuss ...

Senate Democrats want pay limits, equity in bailout
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Democrats on Monday issued a counterproposal to the Treasury Department's financial bailout plan that would give the government shares in firms unloading assets and limit executive compensation. According to a legislative proposal obtained by Reuters, the majority Democrats also want to set up an oversight board that would include the chairmen of the Federal Re ...

Bush says financial negotiators made "good headway"
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on Monday said negotiators were making "good headway" on legislation to provide an unprecedented $700 billion bailout of financial markets and that he was confident a measure to prevent lasting damage to the economy could be enacted. "Failure to act would have broad consequences far beyond Wall Street. It would threaten small business owners a ...

U.S. negotiators to return to Iraq for security talks
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Dean Yates and Ahmed Rasheed BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. negotiators will return to Baghdad soon for more talks with Iraq on a security deal that has bogged down over the issue of immunity for U.S. troops. Critically for both sides, a U.N. mandate that governs the presence of American forces in Iraq expires at the end of the year. The "clock is ticking", said one official. A U ...

MUFG says to buy 10-20 pct stake in Morgan Stanley
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

TOKYO (Reuters) - Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan's largest bank, said on Monday that it planned to buy 10-20 percent of the common stock of U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley. MUFG said it would decide on the amount it would pay after carrying out due diligence. (Reporting by Nathan Layne and Junko Fujita)

Investment banks convert as bailout debate begins
22 Sep 2008 source: today.reuters.co.uk

By Kevin Drawbaugh and Mark Felsenthal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley sought shelter with the Federal Reserve to survive a financial storm that destroyed their rivals, effectively killing Wall Street's investment banking model of the past two decades. The move is Washington's latest effort to restore calm to chaotic markets and follows frantic talks between t ...

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