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Driver in death crash sentenced
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

A Fermanagh driver who admitted killing four people by dangerous driving is due to be sentenced later on Thursday. Daniel McDonnell, 21, from Galloon Gardens, Newtownbutler, was driving a car which crashed on the Moorlough Road, near Lisnaskea, in July 2006. Peter Leonard and Jonathan McDonald, both 21, Anita Swift, 16, and Danica O'Rourke, 17, died in the accident. McDonnell changed his plea to guilty as his trial was about to start last month. Adjourning the case for sentencing, the judge ...

Pakistani leaders set for talks
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

The leaders of the two parties that won the most seats in Monday's elections in Pakistan are due to meet to discuss forming a coalition government. Such a government could force President Pervez Musharraf from power. The Pakistan People's Party leader, Benazir Bhutto's husband Asif Zardari, will have talks with Nawaz Sharif, who heads the Pakistan Muslim League. Mr Sharif has said he wants Mr Musharraf to go, but Mr Zardari's party has been less clear-cut on the issue. Mr Musharraf has said ...

Community languages 'lack status'
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

Languages such as Arabic, Bengali and Mandarin should be given higher status in England's schools to enable more pupils to learn them, Ofsted says. "Community languages" should have the same status as French, German and Spanish, the education watchdog said. It criticised the teacher training system, warning that most "community language" teachers were not qualified. Ministers say they will work with training providers to widen the number of trainee teachers of world languages. Last year Lord ...

Call to halt cheap alcohol offers
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

Shops and pubs should stop cheap alcohol promotions and ministers should use the tax system to curb drinking, doctors are expected to say. The British Medical Association is to publish a report on how the way drinks are sold fuels the "alcohol epidemic". It is likely to call for a curtailing of happy hours in pubs and cut-price deals in supermarkets. Supermarket giant Tesco says it is willing to work with the government on tackling the problem of cheap alcohol. But the company stressed it wa ...

US fighter pilot dies after crash
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

A US military pilot has died after two F-15C fighter jets crashed into the Gulf of Mexico during a training mission, the air force says. Both men were able to eject and were picked up during a rescue operation off the Florida panhandle. The surviving pilot is said to be in good condition. The air force has not yet determined if the planes collided or otherwise malfunctioned. The weather was clear. The US temporarily grounded F-15C jets after one failed last November. Most were back in servi ...

S Korea president-elect cleared
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

South Korean President-elect Lee Myung-bak has been cleared of fraud allegations following an inquiry. "We found the president-elect was not involved in stock manipulation," Special Prosecutor Chung Ho-young said. The announcement comes four days before Mr Lee, who won a general election in December 2007, is due to be sworn in. During the campaign he had denied allegations linking him to a 2001 share-rigging scandal, for which an ex-business partner of his is on trial. He was alleged to ha ...

Rock rescue plan back before MPs
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

The bill under which Northern Rock will be nationalised returns to the Commons later, with some MPs expected to demand changes before it becomes law. The Banking (Special Provisions) Bill is expected to be on the statue book by the end of the day. But in Lords debates on Wednesday, the Lib Dems warned they would back Tory amendments and add some of their own. The Tories want the bank's business plan before Parliament and the Lib Dems are demanding regular progress reports. Treasury spokesma ...

Tories in forced marriage vow
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

A future Tory government would consider making forced marriages a criminal offence, David Cameron is to announce. Speaking in Bradford, the Tory leader will commit the party to a series of measures against what he will call a "bizarre and unacceptable" practice. These include ensuring people coming to Britain to get married are at least 21. About 300 cases a year are reported to the government's Forced Marriage Unit but Mr Cameron believes the true figure is likely to be into the thousands.  ...

New airport flight paths proposed
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

Plans to move flight paths in and out of major British airports away from built up areas have been launched by the firm that manages UK air traffic. National Air Traffic Services says its plans would cut by 20% the number of people affected by noise from departing planes flying below 4,000ft (1,219m). Airports including Heathrow, Stansted, Luton and London City may be affected. The new flight paths could be in place by spring 2009 if the Civil Aviation Authority gives Nats the go-ahead. Bo ...

US missile hits 'toxic satellite'
21 Feb 2008 source: bbc.co.uk

The US has successfully struck a disabled spy satellite with a missile fired from a warship in waters west of Hawaii, military officials say. Military operatives had only a 10-second window to hit the satellite - USA 193 - which lost control shortly after it was launched in December 2006. Officials said they were worried fuel on board could pose a threat to humans. But Russia suspects the operation was a cover to test anti-satellite technology under the US missile defence programme. The US  ...

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