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Man-made 'noise pollution' threatens fish
1 Jun 2010 source: bbc.co.uk

Fish are being threatened by rising levels of man-made noise pollution. So say scientists who have reviewed the impact on fish species around the world of noises made by oil and gas rigs, ships, boats and sonar. Rather than live in a silent world, most fish hear well and sound plays an active part in their lives, they say. Increasing noise levels may therefore severely affect the distribution of fish, and their ability to reproduce, communicate and avoid predators.  ...

Secret files shed light on ballerina Fonteyn's 'plot with Castro' ...
28 May 2010 source: bbc.co.uk

By Sanchia Berg Today programme Dame Margot Fonteyn, one of Britain's most famous ballerinas, was "up to her neck" in a coup plot in Central America - along with Fidel Castro, according to government files released today at the National Archives. Margot Fonteyn thanked mini ...



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